Hi, welcome to my minimal website! You can reach me at GarenCheckley@gmail.com.

My Work: Emerging Markets, Tech, and Culture

I work at the intersection of Technology, New-ish Internet Users, and Culture. My job is to be a UX strategist in Google's Next Billion Users initiative. That means we help tech people make great choices for their Next Billion Users. We've published some of our work:

Currently I'm working with some terrific colleagues to understand how to make the internet & apps better for women across emerging markets. Here's a bit of our work on gender equity:

My Interests: Dance, Fabric, and Reading

I dance a lot, mostly Hip Hop, West African Pop, and Bolly/Bhangra-Hop. My favorite classes are Allan Frias in SF, NK in LA, Bhangra Funk in LA.

I <3 textiles from different cultures. So much so that I have an instagram account for fabrics I own.

I also read a lot of stuff on business, emerging markets, and design. Here are some pieces I reference a lot:

I sometimes draw and paint. Here are a few pieces.

I'm also trying to learn Hindi. Help!