Hi, welcome to my website! You can reach me at GarenCheckley@gmail.com.

My Work: Emerging Markets, Tech, and Culture

I work at the intersection of Technology, New-ish Internet Users, and Culture in Google's Next Billion Users initiative. You can see a snippet of the work in this ACM Interactions article and this video from Google I/O.

Currently I'm working to understand how to make the internet & apps more gender equitable in emerging markets. See more in this ACM Interactions article.

My Hobbies: Dance, Fabric, Art, and struggling to learn Hindi

I dance a lot, mostly Hip Hop. I dance choreography from Allan Frias in San Francisco. I sometimes draw and paint... here are a few pieces. And I'm *trying* to learn Hindi.

Stuff I Recommend a Lot

I read/listen to to a lot of random stuff. Here are things I'd recommend:

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